Virtual Facebook Classes start January 31st

Virtual classes will be offered on our Facebook page
for six weeks starting Monday, January 31st.
We are still hopeful that four of our schools will be offering in-person classes, but we have to wait to hear further on this.
Virtual classes on Facebook are:
Knitting 6:30
Crocheting 7:30
Ukulele 6:30
Upholstering 7:30
Travel Videos 6:30
Yoga – Live 7:30
Crafts 6:30
Art Classes 7:30
There is no charge for these classes. Remember these are through YouTube videos except for the Yoga class which is live (I will have the Zoom link for this soon). With the videos, if you miss it, you are still able to watch it at anytime after I post it. You can also stop and start the video.
I will not be posting the supplies that you will need as most of them (yarn, needles, paint brushes, etc) are a given.
If you have any questions, pleases message me or email me at
or call 1-800-565-5629 or 902-892-9445


Fall Courses – 2018

PEI Community Schools have announced the fall line-up of the upcoming courses. The schools include: Vernon River, Summerside Intermediate, O’Leary, ME Callaghan, Donagh, Stratford and Knotty Knitters. Please have a look at the courses offered and when you pick the course you are going to take, by all means take a friend with you so they can enjoy the spirit of Community School.


Welcome to the Prince Edward Island Association of Community Schools website.

In the past, over 2300 Islanders attended community schools programming each winter and fall across the province. Courses such as guitar, arts, crafts, speaker a night, and many more are offered to all Islanders. PEI Community Schools have been in existence for over 50 years and depend on volunteers to plan, organize and deliver programs of interest to all age groups. Our numbers were down this past year with getting back up and running after Covid shut us down.  But numbers are not everything, it is the enthusiasm and participation of those who attend.  We know things will continue to improve and invite you to join the classes either as a student or offer to be a volunteer instructor.  We are looking for a great 2023-24 Season.

For a complete list of school, please check the side panel of this site and it will tell you if it is a Winter, Fall or Seniors School.  Once you click on the school you are interested in you should be taken to that school’s page.  Some of our Seniors schools run year round and even though it is a “senior’ school, many will accept residents of the community that would just like to join in!  We will strive to put as much information as possible on these pages for your convenience.

Some of our schools have their own websites, you will find the addresses as they become available in our blog, and on their particular pages.

Also you may wish to sign up for our electronic mail list.  We will periodically send out relevant information and you can receive it directly in your email!  Please be assured that your email address will be kept strictly confidential and not shared with any other parties. Also, please check to make sure the emails are not going into your junk folder


If you would like to teach or just help out at one of our schools, please call the contact number at the desired location.

Advertising goes in December (between Christmas and New Years) for the winter schools and an ad goes out close to the end of August for the fall schools starting in September. Please check on this website, our facebook page and local bulletin boards!

Thank you!

At this time we would like to thank the provincial government of Prince Edward Island for their continued support and funding. Without their help, much of our program would not be able to exist.  A sincere thank you from all of us at PEIACS.