facebook page creating cheat sheet

Emily McDearmid did an excellent facebook page 101 session at the 2017-18 Fall Workshop. This sheet compiles the data she covered in her session.


This can be used during registration for students to sign up for classes.

Free pass sheet

these are passes that school chairs can authorize and distribute to their instructors which will allow them to attend other Community Schools without paying the administration fee

Liability release form 

this form is for use by teachers who may be concerned that injuries could be sustained during their class ie: sports, woodworking, crafts with knives …

Nomination form 

used to nominate yourself or someone else from your County to sit on the Provincial Association Board of Directors

Historical Data Sheet 

this should be completed once your school has started and you know how many students are in each class (broken down by male and female). We need this information in order to fulfill our funding obligations. This form can be filled out online here: Historical Data Sheet – online form

School Planning Data Sheet 

this should be completed and submitted in time for the Fall or Winter flyer creation (whichever is appropriate for your school). This form can be filled out online here: School Planning Data Sheet – online form

  • Fall Flyer Deadline: September 1st, 2019
  • Winter Flyer Deadline: December 1st, 2019

Voting Delegate Sheet 

this is used to assign two members of your school as voting representatives at the AGM