Virtual Facebook Classes start January 31st

Virtual classes will be offered on our Facebook page
for six weeks starting Monday, January 31st.
We are still hopeful that four of our schools will be offering in-person classes, but we have to wait to hear further on this.
Virtual classes on Facebook are:
Knitting 6:30
Crocheting 7:30
Ukulele 6:30
Upholstering 7:30
Travel Videos 6:30
Yoga – Live 7:30
Crafts 6:30
Art Classes 7:30
There is no charge for these classes. Remember these are through YouTube videos except for the Yoga class which is live (I will have the Zoom link for this soon). With the videos, if you miss it, you are still able to watch it at anytime after I post it. You can also stop and start the video.
I will not be posting the supplies that you will need as most of them (yarn, needles, paint brushes, etc) are a given.
If you have any questions, pleases message me or email me at
or call 1-800-565-5629 or 902-892-9445


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