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  1. Hi I’m interested in the crochet class, I understand it’s $15 to register is there any other cost for this class? Also what night of the week is it at? I’m looking at the SIS community school and is it too late to sign up?

    • Hi Eliza, after the first $15 registration fee, the only charges associated with the class would be the cost of supplies. SIS is running on Tuesday nights and you can still register, would be nice to see you there!
      Thank you!

  2. Hi there. I cannot for some reason access the winter schedule of courses. I am interested in taking photography at Ch’town Rural and wonder if that will be available? Thank you.

    • Hi there. I am interested in taking photography at Ch’town Rural this winter For some reason, I cannot access the calendar of courses. Do you know if this will be available? Thank you.

    • The winter courses on the website will be changed whenever we get the information, we hope to have this by late December, the winter flyer will be delivered with the flyer packs between Christmas and New Years but check back anytime as we will strive to keep the site updated!

  3. I wish to attend a course but my schedule is a bit hectic. Will there be another course sometime this winter (maybe around January if possible).

    • Hi Margaret, yes there are the winter schools which start in January. The 2011-2012 Calendar of Courses for those will be put on the website as soon as we get the information and also the flyer will be going out with the sales flyers the last week of December. Watch for both!

  4. Please advise what is the last day of Community School in Stratord. The session starts on Sept 21, but I can’t seem to find anywhere how long it lasts.


  5. Hi,
    Can’t access winter schedule. Would you please call me at 367-0675. I want schedule for Stratford and ch’town. TX,Val

    • Hi Al,
      The list of courses for Kensington is available here under the pdf file. Early registration is at the Library on Saturday the 8th from 10 – 12 noon and regular registration is on the 12th at 6pm with classes to follow. Hope you find a course that interests you!

  6. I was wondering if the registration fee was for one evening or for the entire course. My brother is in grade 10 and he is very intested in the guitar classes.

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